ANALY Vouchers | Upton News LTD


Instead of paying a newsagent for your newspaper, you can take out a subscription with the publisher and pay them directly. They will send you vouchers, and you can then exchange these vouchers for a copy of the paper from us.

We are very happy to accept these vouchers, and you should send them to us as soon as you get them from the publisher. We will then amend your account to a voucher account which will credit your papers for the voucher period.

We also accept "money-off" vouchers that you cut out from the newspaper, and again these will be credited to your next bill/invoice when we receive them.

Newspapers with such schemes include

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Times
  • i Daily
  • The Guardian and Observer
  • and The Financial Times
If you decide to take a holiday, and you leave your vouchers with us, you will receive credit for the full amount of the paper.